Martin Luther King Weekend, Saturday, January 14, 2017 at the Dakota Jazz Club American Roots Revue will celebrate America’s richest musical traditions of gospel, blues, folk, rock and R&B.

This January, the revue returns to its roots with its original line up that includes acclaimed gospel vocalist and community leader JD Steele! JD joins musicians that will also include the show’s producer, award-winning singer-songwriter, Smithsonian Records recording artist and community builder Larry Long, with powerhouse gospel and soul singer Tonia Hughes, and the American Roots anchor artist — the “Pavarotti of Gospel” — Robert Robinson.

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Dear Friends,

Leonard Peltier has languished in prison for forty years for a crime that the evidence shows he could not have committed. It is time for healing between the federal government and Native American peoples from centuries of tension and abuse. It is time for Leonard Peltier to come home.

The President has the constitutional power of clemency. As President Obama approaches the conclusion of his service, it is time for you to join the call for Clemency for Leonard Peltier and request the President act now. Now is the time to be heard.

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Join Larry Long, Raldo Schneider, Clay Riness & Eddie Allen at Leo and Leona’s, December 2, 2016

These four amazing songwriters have not graced the same stage since the final episode of M*A*S*H* was aired on broadcast television and compact discs were about to replace the vinyl record. In that brief season they combined forces to regale audiences along the Mississippi River with their clarion call for celebration. No one who was there has forgotten those performances.

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On Friday, November 11, at the Cedar Cultural Center, Larry Long will explore the American landscape that he has celebrated throughout his dynamic career with a birthday celebration and CD release concert.

Old favorites will be performed alongside new releases with a world-class band, which includes: Melvin James (Electric Guitar & Vocals),Tonia Hughes (Vocals), Joe Savage (Pedal Steel), Cory Wong (Guitar), Daryl Boudreaux (Percussion), Sid Gasner (Bass) and Melvin Veach III (Drums & Vocals).

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“The late Johnny Cash coined the phrase “a dove with claws” to describe the fierce pacifism that grew from his first-hand look at America’s endless wars while entertaining soldiers in Vietnam. Cash’s words are a perfect description of the life and work of Larry Long.

“Long’s music had an indelible influence on a young cousin from Iowa who became the charting rock artist, Melvin James. Now Larry and Melvin have joined forces. The claws of Melvin’s guitar sharpen the urgency of Long’s message in a way that will surprise you. And delight you. And take your breath away.

“Larry Long started making great records a long time ago. Dove With Claws is the latest in a long string of victories.”


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Join highly acclaimed author Kent Nerburn and Larry Long for an afternoon of songs, stories, and music that expresses how their time with First Nations peoples has changed their hearts and transformed their lives.

The experiences of the two men weave together to create an unexpected synergy and chemistry—while shining a light on the humanity behind our cultural differences. The afternoon promises to be an event to remember. Cosponsored with RCTC Learning Is ForEver (LIFE) Program. 

Saturday, October 1, 2-3:30 PM, Kellogg Middle School Auditorium, 503 17th St NE, Rochester, MN 55906,  507.328.4000


“The late Johnny Cash coined the phrase “a dove with claws” to describe the fierce pacifism that grew from his first-hand look at America’s endless wars while entertaining soldiers in Vietnam. Cash’s words are a perfect description of the life and work of Larry Long.

“Larry has joined forces with his cousin, the legendary Melvin James, in his continuing musical battle for peace, justice, and dignity for all people. The claws of Melvin’s guitar sharpen the urgency of Larry’s message in a way that will surprise you. And delight you. And take your breath away.”

—Eddie Allen, Writer & Recording Artist

Join Larry Long in celebration of his 65th orbit around the sun and the release of his new album, Dove with Claws, as he returns to his musical roots at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis on Armistice-Veterans Day.  Opening: Annie Humphrey

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Join an all-star cast, including Larry Long, Prudence Johnson, Kevin Kling, Dan Chouinard and the Blue Canvas Orchestra,  as they honor one of the world’s most influential folksingers, Pete Seeger, celebrating the many phases of his life in song, spoken word, and multi-media.

WHEN: Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 7:30 PM

WHERE: Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua
32525 Ski Hill Rd
Bayfield,WI 54814

TICKETS: $22 for adults
Half price for children 17 & under / 3 and under free on laps or lawn

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An all day event of musical healing and honoring Veterans will be held at the Eagles Healing Nest in Sauk Centre, Minnesota this Friday, July 15, 2016 from 3 PM to Dark. All Ages. Free & Open To The Public.

Musicians performing include: Larry Long, Billy Peterson, Rodney Allen Volker, Greg Inhofer, Tim Sparks, Glenn Swanson, Marcus Wise, Willy Williams, T.C. Whol, Rick Sanders, Miles hendrickson, Kevin Hendrickson, Mick Butenhoff, Tim West, Fred Nicks.

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“Larry Long, ‘Living in a Rich Man’s World’ video. The good-hearted, liberal-minded Minneapolis singer-songwriter has rearranged his 37-year-old folk song as a Don Henley-like rocker, with Melvin James’ guitar punctuating the potent words and poignant visuals.”

—Jon Bream
Star Tribune: Pick Six
Sunday, July 10, 2016

*Pick Six is a half-dozen cool things in music, from two points of view.

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The death of Philando Castile is personal, as I’m sure it is for many of you. Mr. Castile went to High School with my oldest daughter. I didn’t know Philando, but what I do know is that he was a good man with a bright future. The senseless killings we have witnessed in the last few weeks alone in St.Paul, Orlando and Dallas is beyond the pale. The time has come to recommit ourselves to the daily practice of nonviolence, as we continue to work towards a world where no child is born to lose.

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I met Clark McGuiness on the Nebraska plains, while working on a combine crew for three months from Burkburnett, Texas to Scranton, North Dakota. We called ourselves wheat whackers and what we did is cut wheat, cut wheat, cut wheat, and then cut more wheat.

The wheat in the fields stood ten feet high. The tassels waved golden in streams of currents from the prairie winds. After the combines came through there was nothing left of them, but barren stubbles cut close to the ground.

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This photograph of mother and child was taken in the heart of the Amazon region near the confluence of the Solimoes and Negro Rivers, which joins to form the Amazon River.  After performing in Manaus, Brazil I traveled by boat with her family downriver, where fresh water dolphins swim freely.  The shoreline an endless sea of green filled with choral beds of music.  Everything alive and breathing.  As we walked from the boat through the rainforest I was told that Jaguars might be hiding in the shadows.  After we drank water from vines cut with a machete and swam in waters filled with piranhas I took this photo.  The kindness of the indigenous people of Brazil is beyond measure.  

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This photo of Slater Huff Jr., taken by Andrew Goetz, is a featured image in Larry’s new Living In A Rich Man’s World video.  Mr. Huff was born July 6, 1924 in Packers Bend, Alabama, which is located on the banks of the Alabama River.  Most of the folks who live there are direct descendents from slaves who grew cotton on the King-Garrett Plantation.  When the State of Alabama refused to build a bridge across the river to their small rural community, Slater’s father built a ferry of his own to take people across.

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