Dodging Bullets

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For 4 years I have donated my time as Executive Director of the award-winning indie film Dodging Bullets. This film affirms most everything I have learned through bringing Elders’ Wisdom, Children’s Song to communities large and small throughout this nation. The film documents Historical Trauma which is prominent in Native American communities. Historical Trauma is a term used by social workers and psychologists, it refers to the cumulative emotional and psychological wounding of a group of people caused by traumatic experiences. This trauma is epigenetically passed down from one generation to another and causes health care problems in today’s generation.

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Celebration of the Common Good in Story and Song

On Friday, November 30th Larry Long will be sharing the evening at Leo & Leona’s with Servant Leader and storyteller, Tom Thibodeau; Mississippi River balladeer Eddie Allen: singer-songwriter from the farm fields of Iowa, Raldo Schneider; master bass player, Larry Dalton; and the  musical soul of the Wisconsin Driftless Region Dan Sebranek on guitar and vocals.

Recent woes and disasters visited upon the Wisconsin Driftless region in the past season have, at times, left folks feeling helpless and insignificant. But we are neither of those things. In this magnificent corner of the world and anywhere else you will find people working hard to help those in need and strengthening their communities.

Join us in a celebration of those efforts and of the inimitable human spirit that makes our community the greatest of our many treasures.   This will be a night to measure time from.

When: Friday, 30th, 7:30 PM
Where: Leo & Leona’s Dance Hall 
W1436 WI-33 Bangor WI 54614


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