Longfellow Businesses Relief Fund Needs Your Support

The Longfellow Business Association is working to get resources to our community in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by a white Minneapolis police officer.

He came from Texas to this northern town
Where a white cop laid him down
He said to the cop I cannot breathe
Mother won’t you please same me

I have lived in the Longfellow neighborhood for thirty years. This is where we raised our children.  Our son, Jacob, and others worked tirelessly, day and night,  to deliver medical assistance to those in need from a church basement three blocks from the 3rdPrecinct.

Streets now burning beneath the sun
Good God we pray justice be done
We can rebuild imagine that
But we cannot bring George Floyd’s life back

The time has now come to rebuild.  Approximately fifty businesses and non-profits were adversely impacted.   Many individual businesses have received donations, but initial estimates place total damage at well over $600 million.

George Floyd please say his name
George Floyd don’t let him die in vain
George Floyd

Your help is critical to rebuilding Longfellow’s business and non-profit vitality.  The LongfellowBusiness Association is committed to ensuring that those impacted and displaced can remain in Longfellow. They stand in support of local businesses and non-profits, including our many black, indigenous and immigrant-owned businesses. Longfellow Business Association will work to advocate for future redevelopment is equitable and just.

Please donate in any amount to support rebuilding a vibrant and equitable Longfellow community!  

“We love it here!”



“Conspiracy of Goodness” with Larry Long & Tom Thibodeau

Larry Long & Tom Thibodeau will be hosting a morning radio show called  “Conspiracy of Goodness”  on WDRT 91.9 fm Driftless Community Radio and streamed worldwide beginning Labor Day, September 7, 2020 at 8:30 AM.

Since 1983, Larry Long and Tom Thibodeau have joined together as friends to form a Conspiracy of Goodness. The word conspiracy comes from two latin words com-spirare which means to be in harmony or literally to Breathe together. Goodness is one of the Transcendental Virtues which extends us beyond ourselves for the health and well being others.

Through their friendship and work for the greater good Larry and Tom are committed to expanding the conspiracy of goodness by inviting you to be refreshed and inspired by songs and stories of virtue which bring people together from differnt backgrounds for a Greater Good. We hope to strengthen connections, expand communities, and create possibilities in working for the Greater good everyday.

Songs connect us; when our voices unite we create common ground understanding that dissonance is one step on the way to harmony. Stories reminds us of our shared humanity.  Both are needed; all are gfit.

‘Conspiracy of Goodness’ will also be viewed and heard on YouTube, Facebook and Podcast.

Produced & recorded by Grammy Award winning sound engineer Brett Huus of Momentous Records.


Featuring Larry Long, JD Steele, Tonia Hughes, Billy Steele, Daryl Boudreaux, George Parrish, Yohannes Tona

American Roots Revue’s filmed performance premieres Friday, July 24th at 8:00 PM (Central Time) via YouTube and Facebook.

A good excuse to cook up some popcorn with the one you love. Relax and enjoy the blest gift of music together.

This concert in Lanesboro was the final performance of American Roots Revue’s 2019 FIVE-CITY LEGACY TOUR.  Other concerts were held in the Lower Sioux Indian Community; Live at the Levee in Winona; Milan Community Festival of Story & Song; Prairie Island Mdewakanton Dakota Community.  Available for 48 hours after its premiere, so don’t miss your chance!

Filmed by Nathaniel Nelson of Treedome Productions

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