Announcing the release of White Sheets In The White House

A song for the times by Larry Long

Music has always been a vehicle for expressing protest.  Billie Holiday’s courageous challenge to racism in Strange Fruit back in 1939 inspires me. Through the encouragement of many I have recorded and released my new song White Sheets in The White House.  May it inspire others to do the same.


Since the song was released, there has been over 25,000 views on social media, and the song is beginning to go viral, eliciting comments like:

“This song is powerful… Woody Guthrie would be proud to sing right there with you, and this song would be high on his list.”

“Beautiful, poignant, fantastic, and one could go on with praise. Another great song for the times.”

“Just the anthem we need!!!!!”

White Sheets in the White House was recorded and filmed at Creation Audio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Grateful beyond measure for the vocal support of Robert Robinson & Van Nixon; Sid Gasner (bass), Joe Savage (banjo, pedal steel), Daryl Boudreaux (percussion); Engineers Steve Wiese & Miles Hanson; Director Alan Smithee and my son Jacob for making this all possible.

Thank you for all you do,

Larry Long

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White Sheets In The White House is available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody and other e-tailers.