Longfellow Businesses Relief Fund Needs Your Support

The Longfellow Business Association is working to get resources to our community in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer.

I have lived in the Longfellow neighborhood for thirty years. This is where we raised our children.  Our son, Jacob, and others worked tirelessly, day and night,  to deliver medical assistance to those in need from a church basement three blocks from the 3rdPrecinct.

Streets now burning beneath the sun
Good God we pray justice be done
We can rebuild imagine that
But we cannot bring George Floyd’s life back

The time has now come to rebuild.  Approximately fifty businesses and non-profits were adversely impacted.   Many individual businesses have received donations, but initial estimates place total damage at well over $600 million.

George Floyd please say his name
George Floyd don’t let him die in vain
George Floyd

Your help is critical to rebuilding Longfellow’s business and non-profit vitality.  The LongfellowBusiness Association is committed to ensuring that those impacted and displaced can remain in Longfellow. They stand in support of local businesses and non-profits, including our many black, indigenous and immigrant-owned businesses. Longfellow Business Association will work to advocate for future redevelopment is equitable and just.

Please donate in any amount to support rebuilding a vibrant and equitable Longfellow community!  

“We love it here!”