Firefighter (Duty,Honor,Courage) by Larry Long & American Roots Revue

Announcing the release of Larry Long’s new single “Firefighter (Duty,Honor,Courage)” with American Roots Revue.

Larry Long & American Roots Revue have partnered with Minnesota Firefighter Initiative (MnFIRE) to release a new song that highlights the need to do more to protect the health of Minnesota’s firefighters. The song “Firefighter (Duty, Honor, Courage),” was written by Long with MnFIRE as an anthem for the state’s firefighters as the 2020 legislative session begins and the Hometown Heroes Assistance Program (SF2264 and HF1782) is up for consideration once again.

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“It’s been a tough week in the Minnesota fire service. Millerville Firefighters, off duty, both perish in a silo accident and along with one of the firefighter’s 12 year old son. The fire department who responded saw their friend and co-worker deceased. Drake Hotel fire in Minneapolis on Christmas Day. Firefighters faced down a raging fire with hundreds of potential victims. Half of whom were children.

This fire got lots of well earned media coverage for the lives saved and the heroics of the firefighters. What doesn’t always get covered is how often firefighters statewide “answer the bell” in service to others. Saving lives and property at fires, crashes, water and ice rescues and countless serious medical emergencies. This is why the MnFIRE mission is so vital. Getting help to those who respond and helping those who are in the darkness of emotional trauma, job related cancers and cardiac issues to find the light and the hope and a path out.” – George Esbensen, MnFire President

“I was inspired to write “Firefighter” after I accompanied Eden Prairie Fire Chief George Esbensen and firefighters on a call to a business fire. While on that fire run I was so deeply struck by the brave and hardworking people that save our lives daily. When I discovered the high rate of heart disease, cancer and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among firefighters, I felt the calling to write ‘Firefighter’. For there’s no better time than now to urge policymakers to give all that it might take for us to support the physical and emotional well-being of those who serve us.” – Larry Long

Firefighter (Duty, Honor, Courage) will premier this Sunday, December 29th, on WCCO Radio (830 AM) during Larry Long & George Esbensen’s interview with Jearlyn Steele on Steele Talkin’ beginning at 8:34 PM. Please tune in.

Firefighter (Duty, Honor, Courage) features: Larry Long–Lead Vocal, Guitar; J.D. Steele, Robert Robinson, Tonia Hughes–Support Vocals;  Billy Steele-Piano; George Parrish–Electric Guitar; Joe Savage–Pedal Steel: Yonathan Bekure–Bass; Daryl Boudreaux–Percussion; Brian Kendrick–Drums.

Studio & Mixing Engineers:  Steve Wiese & Miles Hanson

Recorded at Creation Audio Studio A; Minneapolis, Minnesota