Larry Long Music in association with Rock the Cause Records & the Orchard are happy to announce the release of Dove with Claws by LARRY LONG from the Melvin James Sessions on digital platforms worldwide, including Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple, iTunes, YouTube, and more.
As Eddie Allen, Brief Sermon Columnist, writes in the linear notes, “The late Johnny Cash coined the phrase “a dove with claws” to describe the fierce pacifism that grew from his first-hand look at America’s endless wars while entertaining soldiers in Vietnam. Cash’s words are a perfect description of the life and work of Larry Long. Long’s music had an indelible influence on a young cousin fromhttps://orcd.co/2008jk2 Iowa who became the charting rock artist, Melvin James. Now Larry and Melvin have joined forces. The claws of Melvin’s guitar sharpen the urgency of Long’s message in a way that will surprise and delight you. “
Featured songs: All Across America (3:04), Lay Me Down Easy (3:53), Mississippi Levee (2:48), Living In A Rich Man’s World (3:55), Walking Like Rain (4:45), Circle Time (2:54), Joshua Tree (4:03)
Seven Strong Women (3:08), Old Ways (3:27), Lay Hatred Down (3:27), plus bonus track Uncle Mel (2:31).
In celebration of today’s release filmmaker Bob Trench kindly uploaded ‘Living in a Rich Man’s World Director’s Cut’ onto my LarryLongTroubadour YouTube Channel to view.
Larry Long: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica | Melvin James: Backup Vocals, Guitar, Drums | Sid Gasner: Bass | Sandy Berlin: Backup vocals on Lay Hatred Down & Joshua Tree
Recorded at Junior’s Motel, Otho, Iowa | Special thanks to Kirk Kaufman for his hospitality | Photographs: Roger Feldhans | Design: Planet Claire Creative
All words & music by Larry Long | Produced by Melvin James