Mother & Child

This photograph of mother and child was taken in the heart of the Amazon region near the confluence of the Solimoes and Negro Rivers, which joins to form the Amazon River.  After performing in Manaus, Brazil I traveled by boat with her family downriver, where fresh water dolphins swim freely.  The shoreline an endless sea of green filled with choral beds of music.  Everything alive and breathing.  As we walked from the boat through the rainforest I was told that Jaguars might be hiding in the shadows.  After we drank water from vines cut with a machete and swam in waters filled with piranhas I took this photo.  The kindness of the indigenous people of Brazil is beyond measure.

In this age of the Zika virus I can’t help but wonder how they are doing.  A verse of gratitude from the song Brazil, which I wrote while there:

Your eyes are filled with laughter
Your feet are like a drum
In times of danger
You sing a song of love


Photo by Larry Long

Copyright Larry Long

All Right Reserved

*This photograph of ‘Mother & Child’ is a featured image in Larry Long’s new Living In A Rich Man’s World music video. Living In A Rich Man’s World sound recording is also featured on a soon to be released collection of original works by Larry Long entitled, Walking Like Rain. Produced by Melvin James. It is now available, as a single, on iTunes and other online digital distribution channels.