Larry Long & Waubanewquay Day New Year’s Eve Concert

Larry Long and Waubanewquay, Lead Woman singer for Center Fire in the Three Fires Midewiwin (Heartway) will be ushering in 2016 in ceremony, story and song on December 31st at Gandhi Mahal Restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Address: 3009 27th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406 (612) 729-5222

Portions of Gandhi Mahal’s New Year’s celebration will go to benefit Community Celebration of Place, which uses oral history, music and art to strengthen communities and foster reconciliation through creating intergenerational and multicultural opportunities for all.

“Although, this is not the time of the New Year for our Anishinabe people, there is a beautiful story of reciprocity that unfolds each Anishinabe New Year. The New Year for us, is in the spring when the warm winds arrive. Our people believe in reciprocity. During the time of renewed life, each person in the village would “pay back” anything borrowed, to embrace the New Year. That way, they were truly free to work in their gardens, make maple sugar and celebrate life anew from Mother Earth.” Waubanewquay Day