Honoring Men of Color by Young Men of Color

Lucy Craft Laney Community School will host an Elders’ Wisdom, Children’s Song celebration with Larry Long honoring three community elders on Wednesday, May 27, 2015, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM. Address: 3333 Penn Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55412. This year’s theme is ‘Honoring Men of Color’ and we are happy to shine a light on their life achievements.

Elder Wisdom, Children’s Song™ is brought to you by Community Celebration of Place (501-C-3) in partnership the West Metro Education Program (WMEP). Toki Wright, Julia Sewell, Jeremiah Bey and Larry Long have been working with young men from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to collectively write songs that honor the life stories of the following community elders:

• Edgar Young, Jr.: Edgar Young, Jr. was born January 9, 1956 in Mississippi. In 1970 his family moved to Minnesota to live with family. After completing high school and joining the work force, Mr. Young earned a business degree and Master of Social Work. Mr. Young has worked as a child protection counselor and social worker for 8 years with the Minneapolis public schools. Mr. Young is also a master martial artist and founder/owner of Young’s Taekwondo School. He is dedicated to his family and school community, and brings a level of energy, excitement and enthusiasm to everything that he does.
• David Branch: Mr. David Branch was born February 6th, 1966 in Chicago, Illinois. The youngest child of a prominent Minneapolis couple, Reverend and Mrs. Branch, husband to Rebecca and father of four took over the leadership of Lucy Laney School during its fresh start eight years ago. Mr. Branch is a former Social Worker, Principal and lifelong North Minneapolis resident. Mr. Branch has left a legacy of commitment to the Laney community that we are forever grateful for.
• Reverend Richard Coleman: Reverend Coleman was born in Mississippi on January 5th, 1953. At a young age Richard’s family moved to Chicago. Reverend Coleman enrolled in college, met his wife and has been married 43 years. The couple has three daughters and ten grandkids. In 1989, the family was transferred to the Twin Cities to pastor. Reverend Coleman is a pillar in the community. He is an example of faithfulness and following the call of God on his life. He gave up the riches and fame of professional baseball to serve the community.

Lucy Craft Laney’s Elders’ Wisdom, Children’s Song celebration on May 27th, 2015 will feature the release of the student illustrated HONORING MEN OF COLOR by YOUNG MEN OF COLOR, along with the companion CD and documentary DVD by ADDAM, produced through Young Publishers program of Community Celebration of Place.
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