Historical Trauma Documentary

Dodging bullets — Stories from Survivors of Historical Trauma

Over 95% of educators that have viewed Dodging Bullets—Stories from Survivors of Historical Trauma recommend the film to their peers.

Larry Long is the Executive Director of the award-winning indie film Dodging Bullets. The film honors the life-stories of First Nation survivors of Historical Trauma.    Historical Trauma is a term used by social workers and psychologists, it refers to the cumulative emotional and psychological wounding of a group of people caused by traumatic experiences.  This trauma is epigenetically passed down from one generation to another and causes health care problems in today’s generation. Learn more at the Dodging Bullets—Stories from Survivors of Historical Trauma website 

“It allows the non-Native audience to truly hear and see Historical Trauma and the pain without blatant finger pointing or going the other direction by making it more palatable for non-natives tastes”  – Kimberly Whitewater Wakjexiwigam, Community Supportive Services Division Director, HCN Social Services

“Dodging Bullets is a powerful and compelling documentary that revealed the injustices against Indigenous peoples… brilliantly wove together a positive path to healing through ceremony and cultural identity.”  – Rain L. Marshall, JD, (Ihanktonwan),  Lecturer, Humboldt State University

“Rarely has a film been able to fully capture the complexity of these contemporary social justice concerns caused by Intergenerational Trauma through historical accounts and personal narratives.”  – George S Leibowitz, PhD, Stony Brook University School of Medicine and Social Welfare