Clemency for Leonard Peltier – Lay Hatred Down

Dear Friends,

Leonard Peltier has languished in prison for forty years for a crime that the evidence shows he could not have committed. It is time for healing between the federal government and Native American peoples from centuries of tension and abuse. It is time for Leonard Peltier to come home.

The President has the constitutional power of clemency. As President Obama approaches the conclusion of his service, it is time for you to join the call for Clemency for Leonard Peltier and request the President act now. Now is the time to be heard.


  • View and share the video and PSAs on our Clemency for Leonard Peltier page.
  • Sign the petition for clemency that is being circulated by Amnesty International. Over fifty-five thousand people have signed. Your signature will provide added strength.
  • Call the White House today at 202-456-1111. Ask President Barack Obama to grant Leonard Peltier Clemency.

As the song we are sharing with you proclaims, love will lay hatred down.

Thank you for all that you do,

Dorene Waubanewquay Day
Margo Thunderbird
Madonna Thunderhawk
Larry Leventhal
Rick McArthur
Michelle Mills
Larry Long
Georgia Wettlin Larsen
Clyde Bellecourt
Dick Bancroft
Melvin Lee
Quiltman Sahme
Charleen Day-Castro
Tawahnee Sahme
Mark Shark
Mordecai Spector
Annie Humphrey
Winona LaDuke