Celebrating Dad with Kevin Kling and Larry Long

Join Kevin Kling and Larry Long as they speak and sing about a few things that are Dad.

In a Fathers Day tribute, Kevin and Larry head down the Dad side of the street, taking detours at an Uncle or two, a Grampa, or the guy that was there when you need to know which wrench to use.

In 1983 Larry and Kevin were in a circus together going down the Mississippi River on a boat appropriately named ‘The Calapso.’

They hadn’t performed together since…. Then last year they were together at a ‘Two Chairs Telling’ at Open Eye Theater and got on the subject of Fathers. It was clear pretty fast this would have to be a whole ’nother show.

After that meeting they’ve been scheming and tucking away tidbits, songs, pappy tales, etc.

And this is the day, as Dad would say, ‘to put gas in ‘er and let ‘er buck’.

Download the flyer for the show here.

Thoughts of Dad from Kevin and Larry:

“Dad told me everything important in a car…facts of life in a sixty seven mustang, divorce in a seventy two Impala station wagon… or sometimes he’d just turn to me and say, ‘kev, the day you own a pair of wing tip shoes is the day I stop worrying about you’ or ‘kev, don’t get killed just cause you know how’.

— Kevin Kling

The tree in the backyard of the house where I once lived
Was planted by my father and I when I was a kid
It was but a sapling, now it’s sixty foot tall
Giving shade to the green house on the corner in the park
Walking home from school with my father in the dark
“You’re my favorite son” Dad laughed.“But Dad,I’m your only one.”
The eyes of my father they’re looking down on me

—Larry Long, “Eyes of My Father”

Photo:  ® Tony Nelson 2011