CD Release Concert Reviews from Friends and Fans

We had so much fun doing the CD release concert at Loring over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who helped out and to everyone who attended! Here is a note from Larry:

Thank you all for helping to make last night one of the performing highlights of my life.

From house lighting on down to the sound board – from the divine harmonies of the backup singers to the Joyful Noize of Park Avenue Methodist Church choir –  from the steady heartbeat of the traps to the subtlety of the hand drum, triangle, and shakers – from the divine ethereal harmonics of the electric guitar to the rising tide of the Hammond gospel organ – from the vocal scats, to the Pentecostal chants, to the gospel swells, to the rising tide of each vocal line, beneath that low bass tone, on our journey home – to simply catch a glimpse – of a world to come – filled with love – that’s with us now – when we fill ourselves with that power far greater than ‘I’ .  . .

There was spirit on stage – there was magic in the room.   Everyone was happy and so was/am I.

With gratitude,


And we had some great feedback too!

Larry Long’s CD Release Concert was a masterpiece from start to finish, certainly his greatest artistic creation. It fully reflects three years of diverse work and cultures around the globe, incorporating deeply moving, inspiring music and videos celebrating heroes and sheroes from Tibet to the Japanese-American internment. Larry’s extraordinary ensemble featured a range of stars from the Minnesota music scene, from J.D. Steele to Tanya Hughes and Robert Robertson, who lifted the entire theatre to new heights. Larry allowed each star to shine and together they created a constellation so bright that it lit up the night and the lives of everyone present.


Terry Gips, President
Sustainability Associates
9000 W. 28th St., St. Louis Park, MN 55426


Larry, the concert was a tremendous testimony to all of your life’s work: telling stories through song, lifting up the voices of those we don’t hear, working for justice, bringing people of all races and backgrounds together, making fantastic music and inspiring people to be there better selves. Thanks for a wonderful evening.”

Pam C


Hi Bro,
Congratulations on such a spectacular success Saturday night!  Everyone agreed it was your best concert ever. I loved every minute of it (as did the boys other than it being too loud for them at times) and was so impressed by your creativity and how brightly you shined and how you allowed others to shine as well. I was lifted to the highest places. It was an extraordinary gift to the community.

The main thought that came up for me is that it would be great to have another concert soon (just what you want to hear, right?) so that all of the friends of the people who came could also experience it. The word of mouth would be fabulous.

Another thought that came to me is that we should think about the possibility of a White House performance. I think Barack, Michelle and the girls would love it. How soon do you think you’ll have a video?



It was an honor to be part of such a meaningful and heartfelt concert. Beyond the music being off the hook, which it was, the spirit of the evening was overwhelming.

Larry, we (meaning the entire community, meaning the whole wide world) owes you a great debt for your earnest, thoughtful, painfully honest endeavor to truly be a person in the world that cares deeply about the suffering of others and wants to do something about it. Your energy and undying response to us all creates the possibility for great music to happen, for people to come together and for all of us to think about what we are doing.
Thank you!

With deep gratitude and love,
Marc Anderson