Larry Long 65th Birthday Celebration & CD Release Show

On Friday, November 11, at the Cedar Cultural Center, Larry Long will explore the American landscape that he has celebrated throughout his dynamic career with a birthday celebration and CD release concert.

Old favorites will be performed alongside new releases with a world-class band, which includes: Melvin James (Electric Guitar & Vocals),Tonia Hughes (Vocals), Joe Savage (Pedal Steel), Cory Wong (Guitar), Daryl Boudreaux (Percussion), Sid Gasner (Bass) and Melvin Veach III (Drums & Vocals).

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Dove with Claws CD

Dove with Claws CD Release on November 11, 2016

“The late Johnny Cash coined the phrase “a dove with claws” to describe the fierce pacifism that grew from his first-hand look at America’s endless wars while entertaining soldiers in Vietnam. Cash’s words are a perfect description of the life and work of Larry Long.

“Long’s music had an indelible influence on a young cousin from Iowa who became the charting rock artist, Melvin James. Now Larry and Melvin have joined forces. The claws of Melvin’s guitar sharpen the urgency of Long’s message in a way that will surprise you. And delight you. And take your breath away.

“Larry Long started making great records a long time ago. Dove With Claws is the latest in a long string of victories.”


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Clemency for Leonard Peltier – Lay Hatred Down

Dear Friends,

Leonard Peltier has languished in prison for forty years for a crime that the evidence shows he could not have committed. It is time for healing between the federal government and Native American peoples from centuries of tension and abuse. It is time for Leonard Peltier to come home.

The President has the constitutional power of clemency. As President Obama approaches the conclusion of his service, it is time for you to join the call for Clemency for Leonard Peltier and request the President act now. Now is the time to be heard.

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