Larry Long Presents American Roots Revue Five-City Legacy Tour

American Roots Revue Legacy Tour in five rural Minnesota communities will bring together several of Minnesota’s most gifted performers and arts educators: JD Steele (Mr. Steele and his dynamic vocal siblings, “The Steeles”, have garnered nearly every major music award and accolade that Minnesota has to offer), Billy Peterson (Bass player, songwriter, composer, session musician, producer, and oldest musical son of the renowned Peterson family), Tonia Hughes (Tonia’s vocal style is colored with melodic acrobats and elements of Gospel, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Worship), Cory Wong (Besides being the guitarist for Ben Rector, American Roots Revue and Vulfpeck among others, Cory tours internationally as a featured artist), Petar Janjic (Petar Janjic may be young, but he has already proven himself to be a standout drummer in the Twin Cities), Larry Long (Smithsonian Folkways Recording artist who has made his life work the celebration of everyday heroes), Adam Levy (Producer, guitarist & lead singer-songwriter for The Honeydogs), Robert Robinson (Pavarotti of gospel), Yohannes Tona (Ethiopian born Minneapolis bassist rooted in Afro-beat to Latin-Jazz, to Neo-soul, Funk and Reggae), Joe Savage (Pedal steel multifaceted perennial musician), and Billy Steele (piano, vocal, another member of the dynamic Steele family and producer of the Grammy Award winning Sounds of Blackness).


Larry Long’s American Roots Revue Premiers on Channel 17 TV-Webstream

MTN – Channel 17 is airing American Roots Revue live performance on January 13, 2018 from the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant with Larry LongCory Wong, Haley, Antwaun Stanley, Kevin Gastonguay, Petar Janjic, Kevin MacIntire, Joe Savage and members of The Hornheads.

This incarnation of American Roots Revue featured Internationally renowned singer and songwriter Haley, national-international touring artist with Ben Rector and Vulfpeck, Cory Wong, and Vulfpeck singer, gospel and R&B artist  Antwaun Stanley are joining singer-songwriter and community builder Larry Long, with select members of The Hornheads (Prince, Mavis Staple, Jimmy Jam, Phil Upchurch, et al) and Kevin Gastonguay (Keyboards), Petar Janjic (Drums), Kevin MacIntire (Bass), Joe Savage (Pedal Steel) the following members of Wong’s Green Screen Band included



Dodging Bullets has been named as a “Best of the Fest” films at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

Dodging Bullets: — Stories from Survivors of Historical Trauma won the “Minnesota Made Documentary Competition” and has been named as a “Best of the Fest” films at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. MSPIFF Jurors describe it as “Compelling in its visual and narrative approach, it is ultimately a story of resilience and hope as the filmmakers bring a nuanced perspective to a difficult topic, demonstrating the dignity of their subjects and offering the possibility of freedom from generations of inherited traumatic stress.”

“Stories of Survival from Historical Trauma will help us to heal. However, it is our connections to our culture, traditions, and family that has allowed us to not only to survive but will allow us to thrive now…and forever,” said Kathy Broere (Blackfeet) who directed the Browning Segment of the film.

Keith Secola was the composer for Dodging Bullets. Other First Nation Musicians include: Tall Paul, Dorene Day Waubanewquay, Mitch Walking Elk.

Featuring:  Melissa L Walls, Dr. Anton Treuer, Emmy May, Chy, Dirk Whitebreast, Bree Waabinesiik Green, Dr. Michelle Johnson-Jennings, Melvin Lee Houston, Mike Her Many Horses, Leonard Thompson Jr., Rick McArthur, Leonard Thompson, Linda Eagle Speaker, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Joseph Marshall III, Venessa Goodthunder, Rachel Yehuda, Don Coyhis, Richie Plass, Lester Johnson III, Tara Houska, Larry Leventhal, Bill Means.

Directors:  Bob Trench, Jonathan Thunder, Kathy Broere, Sarah Edstrom    Executive Producer: Larry Long   Producer: Tom Trench  Cinematography:  Matthew Myers, Julie Verano, Graham Nolte


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