Well May the World Go

Title : Well May the World Go
Release Date : January 1, 2000
Label : Smithsonian Folkways Recording

Telling the stories of hard-working people in a way that highlights the courage, deep personal experiences, and heroism found in their lives is a tradition for which Woody Guthrie is famous and which Larry Long continues in this new release. Eclectic and richly orchestrated, Well May the World Go reflects the complexity of the human experience in the world today. Annotation includes interviews and song lyrics. 36-page booklet. 55 minutes.

  1. Chicky Chicky Boom
  2. No Jobs in Texas
  3. Down With The Ku Klux Klan
  4. Somalia
  5. Sugar
  6. All The Way To Paradise
  7. Brazil
  8. Ramona
  9. Muscovite, Feel All Right
  10. Some Things Are Not For Sale
  11. Well May The World Go
  12. Sweet Lura Rose