Don’t Stand Still

Release Date : January 1, 2011
Label : Cereus Records

DON’T STAND STILL is a love story.  Every song on this collection gives honor to those who’ve touched my life.  Some give condolences for loved ones lost.  Others to that enduring spirit of survival.  Some pay tribute to those who’ve sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy.  To the wounded warrior and to the excesses of war.  Some with sweet remembrance of that first kiss. Others to keeping that flame alive.  We don’t get a choice on what songs are sung before we’re here nor which songs will be sung after we’ve gone.  But we do have a choice which songs we sing now.   These songs are mine and may they somehow inspire you to go on.  The children are watching.   Thank you for all you do.    –    Larry Long

  • Holy Ground
  • Keep on Moving, Don’t Stand Still
  • Love of Life
  • Mother’s Song
  • My Old Friend
  • Old Ways
  • Eyes of My Father
  • If You Love Someone
  • Oh Boy, What You Gonna Do Now
  • All Gave Some, Some Gave All
  • Butterflies Dancing
  • Tibet
  • Tree of Life
  • Be Kind to All That Live

Produced by Larry Long