Dodging Bullets — Stories from Survivors of Historical Trauma

As Executive Producer of Dodging Bullets, the first of its kind documentary film co-directed by First Nation and non-Indigenous film makers, Larry Long is honored to announce it’s World Premiere at the Thin Line Fest in Denton, Texas on Friday, April 20th, 6:30 P.M. at the Campus Theatre.

Dodging Bullets, a film-documentary that chronicles the impact of historical trauma on the lives of First Nation peoples today, has also been accepted by the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival for the following two Special Advanced Screenings:

Monday, Apr 16 / 7:00 PM / St. Anthony Main Theatre 2 – Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, Apr 19 / 6:45 PM / Metro State University, Film Space, Founders Hall, – St. Paul, MN

As my brother from the Lakota Nation Rick McArthur, who is prominently featured in Dodging Bullets, clearly states, “This (film) was made for the Wašicun eyes.”

Dodging Bullets takes the viewer on a journey between the past and present, beginning with first contact and the derogatory stereotypes of racist mascots and the movement to change the Washington football team’s name. It then moves to the horror of Indian boarding schools and forced assimilation, the ongoing violation of treaty rights and the prevalence of police violence and suicide on reservations. The film ends with a powerful testament to the healing taking place now across Indian Country.

Besides the Thin Line Fest in Denton, Texas & the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, Dodging Bullets has been accepted to be screened at:

Vision Makers Film Festival, Lincoln, NE April 25th @ 7PM
Black Hills Film Festival, April 29th @ 1PM

“Stories of Survival from Historical Trauma will help us to heal. However, it is our connections to our culture, traditions, and family that has allowed us to not only to survive but will allow us to thrive now…and forever,” said Kathy Broere (Blackfeet) who directed the Browning Segment of the film.

Keith Secola was the composer for Dodging Bullets. Other First Nation Musicians include: Tall Paul, Dorene Day Waubanewquay, Mitch Walking Elk.

Interviewed or filmed include: Melissa L Walls, Dr. Anton Treuer, Emmy May, Chy, Dirk Whitebreast, Bree Waabinesiik Green, Dr. Michelle Johnson-Jennings, Melvin Lee Houston, Mike Her Many Horses, Leonard Thompson Jr., Rick McArthur, Leonard Thompson, Linda Eagle Speaker, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Joseph Marshall III, Venessa Goodthunder, Rachel Yehuda, Don Coyhis, Richie Plass, Lester Johnson III, Tara Houska, Larry Leventhal, Bill Means.